Halloween in the Desert

Okay, so Brooklyn isn’t exactly Arizona. Bear with me here, coming up with witty titles is difficult sometimes.

As usual, I spent a fair amount of time scouring the internet for Halloween costume ideas. I cycled through all my favorite film and TV characters, trying to find one with a look that I could borrow for the night. After several hours of clicking, I came across this post from Studio DIY and knew I had to try it.

This costume turned out to be cute, easy to make, and pretty darn inexpensive. I already had a bunch of yarn leftover from some abandoned knitting projects, as well as a flower crown I made at the BUST Craftacular back in April. All I had to buy was the dress ($14.95) and a hot glue gun ($8.25 for a mini glue gun kit complete with glue sticks). Putting everything together took about an hour and a half total. Of course I waited until the afternoon of Halloween to actually fire up the glue gun. I am truly the queen of procrastination.

I was a little worried that people wouldn’t quite get my costume, but once I struck a pose, everyone was on board. Overall I had a lovely weekend galavanting around the city with my friends, and I looked pretty good doing it.

I want to see your costumes, y’all! Share your Halloween looks in the comments and let me know how you spent the 31st! I hope your weekend was extra spoopy.