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A Culinary Tour of DC and Arlington | BEDA Day 21

DC Food-4

Last weekend, I joined some of my favorite ladies in the world for a weekend of adventures in Washington, DC and the surrounding area. We were there to celebrate Leslie’s birthday and finally hang out like real adults, outside of a conference setting. It was an amazing three days filled with great talks, near-perfect weather, and lots of food. Seriously, by some happy accident most of the weekend revolved around eating and drinking.

U Street Mural 2

After checking into our AirBnB in Arlington, we made our way down to U Street to check out the scene. The U Street Corridor has been experiencing something of a renaissance in the last few decades, and is now home to lots of cool shops, bars, and clubs. While wandering the neighborhood, we found this gorgeous mural and had to do a bit of a photoshoot.

U Street Mural 1

If you find a mural in a city alley and don’t take an OOTD photo, where you really ever there?

u street mural 3

The lovely Allyson

The Saloon DC 1

At the suggestion of Amanda, we stopped into The Saloon, a no-frills bar and restaurant on the main drag. The Saloon is all about social interaction – you won’t find any TVs here and cell phones are highly discouraged. Their beer selection is top notch, though. I fell in love with a fruity wheat beer called Ruby Red that I will probably never be able to find again. I guess it’s better to have loved and lost, than to not have tasted Ruby Red at all.

The Saloon DC 1DC Metro

Remember when I said this was our first time hanging out outside of a conference? Well, we managed to find one anyway. After a breakfast of beignets at Bayou Bakery, we took the Metro down to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center to check out the USA Science & Engineering Festival. While the exhibitors geared their booths more towards kids, it was cool too see all the innovation coming out of the participating organizations. Seeing so many kids, particularly girls, get excited about STEM and STEAM work was particularly heart-warming.

ragtime arlington bloody mary bar

We all managed to sleep in on Sunday and met up for brunch at Ragtime, a casual spot with Cajun flair. Ragtime is particularly well known for their Sunday brunch menu, featuring waffle and Bloody Mary bars, live music, and plenty of other goodies. As a Leslie Knope-in-training, I went straight for the waffle bar, piling on all the fruit and syrup my heart desired. Between that and several cups of coffee, I was highly content.
ragtime arlington live music ragtime arlington bar

All in all, it was a really great weekend. We may have laid pretty low, but it was so nice to have a few days to recharge and catch up with great friends that I don’t get to see that often. Sometimes just having a few beers in someone’s apartment is better than seeing everything a city has to offer. Plus, look at the sunset from our AirBnB. Why would I want to miss that?

arlington sunset

DC, thanks for a great few days. I’ll be back before you know it.

5 Places On My Travel Bucket List

We’re closing in on winter, the season where my wanderlust is at its worst. When the temperatures drop, there’s nothing I want more than to hop on a plane and get the heck out of dodge. I don’t necessarily need to travel to a warmer spot, I just need to get away from the dreary mess that is a New York City winter. This wanderlust has got me thinking about my travel bucket list, all the places I’d love to go before I retire in Monterrey and build my army of sea otters. Here are a few of the spots that are currently high on my list.

Shiny houses

Madeira, Portugal

This small island off the coast of Northern Africa may be a popular tourist destination for Europeans, but it holds a special place in my heart. From what I’ve been told, my mom’s family is originally from Madeira and lived there for years before coming to America. I’d love to explore this island and learn more about how my ancestors lived. Plus it’s just freaking gorgeous.    

Obelisco de Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I’ll blame my middle school obsession with the musical Evita for this one. Buenos Aires is a truly global city with a rich culture and diverse population. To be honest, I feel like I don’t know that much about the city aside from its history. I definitely want to check out the theatre scene, maybe check out an opera at the Teatro Colon. Maybe I can improve my dismal Spanish skills while I’m there, too.

Road to Uluru


I can’t really choose one city in Australia that I absolutely need to visit. Ideally, I would make a longer trip out of it, visiting the Gold Coast, the Outback, and cities like Sydney and Melbourne. The landscape there is so totally different from where I live now and just so amazing. I’m willing to risk getting eaten by any of the million animals that can kill you if I can hang out with one koala. 

 Slussen, Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Cool design! Herring! Ridiculously hot people! What doesn’t Sweden have? As an avid Eurovision fan, I need to know what it is about this country that keeps them churning out pop stars. I love the way the city blends old and new and remains on the cutting edge while respecting its rich history. Plus, flights are pretty cheap on Norwegian Air. Maybe I can make this happen sooner rather than later.

Jackson Square

New Orleans, LA

Bringing it back stateside for this last city. Over the last ten years, New Orleans has showed the world that nothing can keep her down. This city is very much alive and I want to be a part of it (at least for a few days). I’m yearning to listen to some jazz and eat po boys until I become one myself (literally and figuratively). Seeing as New Orleans is the closest city on my list, I should probably get on this one soon.

Bloggy peeps, has the travel bug bit you recently? Where are you itching to go? Let me know what’s on your list in comments!